Sl.No Date Description Download
1 23-March-2022 M.Com Sem IV Internal Exam M.com_Sem_IV_Internal
2 23-March-2022 M.Com Sem I Internal Exam M.com_Sem_I_Internal
3 26-March-2022 ALL INDIA POWER LIFTING CHAMPIONSHIP 2021-2022 At- Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth Click Here for details
4 29-March-2022 Tender Notice For Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Projectors and Projector Screens Click Here for Tender document
5 30-March-2022 NSS Notice Click Here to view
6 07-April-2022 Tender Cancellation Notice Click Here to view
7 07-May-2022 UG Sem I and Sem III Exam Form Click Here to view
8 07-May-2022 M.Com Sem I and Sem II Exam Click Here to view
9 09-May-2022 Chemistry Internal Exam Notice Click Here to view